Who better to create classroom resources than expert teachers themselves? The National Math + Science Initiative's free classroom resources have been developed by teachers, for teachers – with the ultimate goal of leading students toward excellence.

If you want to foster student achievement, you need a toolkit of resources to support instruction. The National Math + Science Initiative provides free classroom resources for math, science, and English teachers.

These free classroom resources are a small sample of the teacher resources we offer. Teachers attending our Laying the Foundation Program get access to hundreds of classroom-ready lessons and resources. Each year of training gives teachers one more year to take advantage of Common Core lessons, assessments, and strategies.

The National Math + Science Initiative did not create a curriculum. Instead, we designed a toolkit of strategies you can embed into an existing curriculum. This gives teachers flexibility in the classroom. And it saves the district valuable education dollars.

Use these free classroom resources with your students, and share them with your colleagues. 

Math Teacher Resources

  • Math Training Modules
  • Math Lessons aligned to the Common Core State Standards

Transform teaching for math

Science Teacher Resources

  • Science Training Modules
  • Science lessons aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards
  • Science equipment lists

Transform teaching for science

English Teacher Resources

  • English Training Modules
  • English Lessons aligned to the Common Core Core State Standards
  • SAT vocabulary lessons and word lists
  • Vocabulary from novels and plays
  • Summer reading tools
  • Practice AP exam – AP English Language Arts

Transform teaching for English