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NMSI Sets Sights on What's Next

Next is one of those words that has distinct connotations based on how it’s said.

A bored clerk’s “next,” for example, says something far different from what we mean by NMSI Next. Our five-year strategic plan builds on 10 years of work and looks forward to impacts that are even deeper and more lasting than what we’ve accomplished in our first decade. The plan is what’s next for us and suggests that that’s always something more coming because we know the world is always changing.

So, what is NMSI Next and why might you care?

The five-year strategy has four key drivers:
-    Serve as a National Catalyst
-    Deliver World-Class K-12 Programs
-    Have a Regional Impact
-    Be a Strong and Sustainable organization

Whether you’re an educator, parent or STEM advocate, what we’re doing matters to you because it changes education for the better. That makes tax dollars go further, improves our economy and ensures our security.

NMSI already has impacted the lives of more than 1 million students and the careers of more than 50,000 teachers, but there’s so much more work to do. When we did some mathematical projections, it turned out that we would need 125 years to reach every American student.

Based on that and a great deal of talking with teachers, students and other partners, we created NMSI Next to grow faster, have a deeper impact and work deliberately with other solution providers to ensure all students have access to rigorous, high-quality education.

Our expertise lies in training and supporting today’s teachers, preparing the next generation of STEM teachers and getting AP math, science and English students resources they need to be successful in those courses. Our results speak for themselves.

We’re meeting critical needs and yet we know there are additional needs. Our role as a National Catalyst is to bring together national voices to collaborate and coordinate so we are rowing together and deploying resources effectively and efficiently.

Our core programs already are World Class. Even so, we’re committed to constant evaluation and iteration to ensure we’re also finding a better way. We also feel a responsibility to connect schools that have needs outside of our expertise to solution providers who we know are doing great work.

To make Regional Impacts, we will marshal local resources, where needed, to support local education and where local supporters already at are work, we’ll contribute our voice and resources to help ensure their success.

We can’t accomplish all this without being a Strong and Sustainable Organization – and we can’t do that without you.

Financial support is always welcomed. Just as important is helping to highlight the critical need for STEM education for all students – regardless of where they live and the futures to which they aspire.

Also important is your voice in creating demand for programs that, like NMSI’s, deliver immediate, lasting and significant impacts. Together, we must change school cultures, improve education and propel all students toward their highest potentials.