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consultants.jpgNMSI consultants are independent contractors who support thousands of students and teachers in our College Readiness Program and Laying the Foundation Program, while building a national professional network and earning additional income during out-of-school time. We provide resources and training that build their instructional expertise as they help others excel.

College Readiness Program

CRP facilitators lead teacher training sessions throughout the year, as well as study sessions for AP students.

CRP facilitators are enthusiastic, dynamic and successful AP teachers who are content experts with a passion for helping students succeed in AP classes. They have three or more years of experience and a track record of AP student success. They also are effective communicators, enjoy working with teachers and students and have mastered the challenge of managing high expectations.

The trainings they lead are:

Student Study Session

Facilitators use NMSI-prepared materials to engage students in AP content-driven lessons and activities during four-hour sessions offered on Saturdays. (New York City Student Study Sessions are eight hours.)

College Readiness Program Summer Institute

Endorsed by the College Board, this four-day seminar is offered to AP math, science, and English teachers. Facilitators provide in-depth training using College Board materials, the latest classroom technologies, laboratory experiments and online resources.

Fall Two-Day Training

This is offered to teachers in the fall and serves as a continuation of the professional development offered at the College Readiness Program Summer Institute.

Spring Training

AP teachers can attend a one-day workshop offered in mid-to-late spring, after their students have had a chance to take a full-length practice exam. Facilitators guide teachers through the scoring experience and provide solutions for them to take back to the classroom.

CRP mentors support teachers throughout the school year with curricular help, pacing guidance and instructional feedback. Mentors have three or more years of experience teaching AP math, science, English or computer science courses. Prior mentoring experience is preferred.

Laying the Foundation Program

Facilitators of our four-day Laying the Foundation Summer Institutes deliver content-based, teacher-to-teacher training for math, science and English teachers in grades 3 through 12. Materials are designed to increase rigor in the classroom by providing teaching strategies and content knowledge aligned with state standards. LTF facilitators must have successfully completed at least one year (four modules) of LTF teacher training.

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