Do I Have a Promo Code?

Do I Have a Promo Code? hero image

Promo Codes for NMSI's 2020 Summer Series

NMSI is grateful to the many corporate, philanthropic and government agencies that fund our work and allow us to provide thousands of teachers with training at no direct cost to them or their school districts.
If you work in one of the school districts listed below, please email from your school email account so we can confirm your eligibility for a promo code. Be aware that supplies are limited.


Districts eligible for promo codes:

Fairbanks North Star Borough School District
Los Angeles Unified School District
Wheatland Union High School District

Fountain-Fort Carson School District

Camden County District
Harris County School District
Pointe Coupee Parish
Jackson County School District
Ocean Springs School District

New Mexico 
Carlsbad School District

North Carolina
Moore County Schools
North Dakota
Oakes Public School District
West Jefferson Hills School District
Woodland Hills School District
Killeen Independent School District
Midland School District
South Kitsap School District # 402

Not Listed Above?

If you don’t work in a grant-funded school district, there are several options for funding:

• Ask your department lead, principal or district training office about direct-pay and reimbursement options
• Contact your PTA or local education fund
• Consider creating a project on
Want to become a NMSI school? Contact Us to learn the process and get started.