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Student from NMSI Partner School Inspired to Pursue Medical Career

Breanna Senior Photo
Breanna Ramsey grew up in Detroit admiring the black women physicians in her life. Now a pre-med student on the scholarship of her dreams, she’s well on her way to becoming a role model for the next generation of girls in STEM.

With her third semester of college in full swing, Ramsey sees the advantages Advanced Placement® classes gave her. In addition to providing some insight about what to expect from college-level courses, taking AP® classes made her college and scholarship applications more competitive. Despite the challenge of these rigorous courses, Ramsey thrived with support from NMSI’s College Readiness Program.

With the combination of NMSI and my supportive teachers, I feel like I can go far.
Breanna Ramsey, as a high school senior at Cass Technical High School, Detroit
Earning qualifying scores on AP exams allowed her to skip some of the introductory-level college courses, a head start in her education that will help propel her forward. Her dream of becoming a doctor was born when she learned about the health disparities that exist in America.

“I felt motivated to change them and ensure that everyone has the opportunity to live a healthy life.”

Just two years after graduating high school, Ramsey is on track to achieve her dream at Wayne State University in Detroit. And with such a strong start, we’re confident that in just a few more years she’ll be empowering, educating and healing her community as a doctor, all while inspiring the next generation of girls to pursue their STEM dreams.

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