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Commentary: ‘Quality Education for Children is a Military Readiness Issue’

Christi Ham, chairwoman of Military Families for High Standards, perfectly targets the enduring challenge that military families have to face during their careers. By our nature as parents, we all want something better for our children, and high-quality education opportunities top the list. 

1U7A1474-(3).JPGThe Military Services are continually challenged to ensure that a trained and ready force is available to ensure our nation’s security and retaining those families is critical to that effort. When families have to defer on certain assignments or choose to leave the Service because of the overwhelming education challenges, we all lose.

NMSI’s partnership with the Department of Defense to help schools meet those challenges by providing rigorous educational opportunities is proving to be a significant support for our nation’s highly mobile military children. 

Ham provides thoughtful commentary on this subject in “Quality education for children is a military readiness issue.”