SAT Vocabulary Lessons

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This section contains individual vocabulary lessons, Matching Tests, and Sentence Completion Tests. Teachers may teach 25 words at a time, giving the student only 25 definitions and 25 sample sentences. This makes it convenient to print only one lesson at a time. Through this format, the words can be divided among different grade levels to meet the needs of the district or the individual schools.

Because the first fifteen lessons contain words that have appeared more than once on the SAT/PSAT tests which we examined, we suggest that these lessons be reviewed each year at all grade levels, then add to them at the discretion of the teacher/curriculum director.

Some teachers may prefer that the student look up the definition of each word in the dictionary, rather than give each student a copy of the definitions we have prepared. If this is the case, we urge you to remember that some of the definitions we give are the secondary meaning.

You may click on the individual links below to print out only the lessons you want, or you may click the link for combined lessons 1-36 and 37-65. (The word list and lessons are all in PDF format.)