54% of high school grads aren’t ready for college math. With the right math teacher training, you can ensure all of your students are prepared for success.
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Transform Schools

Just as the Apollo 11 moon landing inspired young Americans to want to become astronauts in the 1960s, our programs are inspiring more young Americans to reach higher and work harder in the critical subjects of math and science.

The National Math + Science Initiative is strengthening the existing teaching corps through the professional training - that is at the heart of our Laying the Foundation Program and College Readiness Program. At the same time, we are shaping the future math and science teacher corps of America through our UTeach program for college students.

Laying the Foundation Program

NMSI is dedicated to providing the very best content-based, pedagogy-driven, teacher-to-teacher coaching from grades six to 12. That training is supported by rigorous classroom-ready lessons and web-based resources to improve the quality of math, science and English instruction. We are data-driven, so we analyze class scores and student demographics in the school. We ask teachers what classroom issues concern them – and do our research to provide customized tutorials.  We find trainers who have been successful in similar environments who know from experience what works.  Not only that, we infuse the latest technology into our math and science training sessions so teachers know how to use the best available tools, from cutting-edge software to exciting lab experiments. NMSI also provides online resources for students and their teachers, including screen casts of teaching sessions, so students can replay videos of specific lessons until they have mastered the material.  Our online forums, which provide content support, are creating a learning community of support for teachers.

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College Readiness Program

NMSI’s College Readiness Program is now boosting academic achievement in over 550 schools across 22 states -- from Connecticut to California.  We are changing school leadership expectations of students by encouraging more students to take college-level math and science courses and then equipping them to succeed.  We are raising the academic bar in public schools by demonstrating that more students can master rigorous AP coursework, especially in math and science. The schools in our program make up approximately 2 percent of all schools in the United States—and yet these schools alone account for 7.5 percent of the country’s overall increase in qualifying math, science, and English AP test scores. When we go into a state, we lift the entire state’s AP performance and as a result, our participating states lead the country in AP test scores. We’ve more than doubled the number of students taking Advanced Placement classes in math, science and English in participating schools. This means we are opening doors to college success for under-served student populations who have not had the encouragement to tackle challenging coursework in math and science before. 

In 2010, with generous funding from the Lockheed Martin Corporation, NMSI began transforming schools who serve military families and the results have been stunning. In 2012, schools in our program for military families were state leaders in the increase of qualifying AP test scores in math, science and English. For example, our two schools in Oklahoma accounted for 35 percent of the entire state’s increase in qualifying math, science, and English AP test scores while our four schools in Hawaii accounted for 89 percent of the entire state’s increase in qualifying math, science, and English AP test scores. There are still over 200 schools that need this program and we are looking for partners who want to send this great message to military families.

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