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Author: Michelle Stie-Buckles

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ELA + STEM = Developing Literacy with Math and Science

As a former English teacher, the peculiarity of my position at a STEM-focused education organization isn’t lost on me. I’m much more at home with Shakespeare and Dickinson than with calculators and equations, and I’ve received much good-natured ribbing from colleagues and acquaintances about my lack of math prowess. I may not be a math or science specialist; however, I appreciate the critical need for improving STEM education in our country. I also believe that our future mathematicians, computer programmers, engineers, and scientists must be strong readers and writers, effective ...

4 Ways to Prevent Remedial Education

College remediation, or the process of requiring entering college students to take below-college-level coursework, is a pervasive and vexing problem. According to the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education, approximately 60% of all students eligible to attend college need remedial coursework in mathematics or English, and in 2008, 20% of all students enrolled in a post-secondary institution took remedial coursework. Remediation rates for students entering community college programs are particularly bleak, with nearly 75% of all community college students needing remedial coursework in mathematics, English, or both ...

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