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National Math and Science Initiative Presents Waynesville R-VI With $100,000 Grant

Key military, education and elected leaders, along with some 1,600 students, gathered Friday at Waynesville High School to celebrate a $100,000 grant from the National Math and Science Initiative. The grant, funded by the Department of Defense, provides Waynesville R-VI with the resources to continue its work in NMSI’s College Readiness Program for Military Families, which was implemented in school year 2014-15. Dr. Brian Henry, Waynesville R-VI superintendent, opened the celebration, saying, “Waynesville R-VI is No. 1 in the nation in the growth of AP® math, science and English qualifying ...

Shifting debate over school choice

The decades-long debate over school choice has divided educators, parents and policymakers alike and has largely focused on two well-worn arguments: “Students, and by extension our economy, are suffering because public schools on the whole are failing” and “Taking money from public schools only will increase the obstacles they face.” But there’s another aspect to the school choice conversation that both camps can support, says NMSI CEO Matthew Randazzo: Empower students to make choices about their own learning, in their own school. In a recent Huffington Post blog, Randazzo makes ...

Teacher of the Month: Allan Finch

NMSI’s Teacher of the Month celebrates our amazing teachers, consultants and mentors for their work in and out of the classroom. In April, we sat down with Allan Finch, an AP Physics teacher at Creative and Performing Arts High School in Pittsburgh, PA to hear how he is applying his real-world experiences as an architectural engineer to his classroom.   A roller coaster zooms past a student and comes to a stop. The student carefully examines the coaster, scribbles notes on a notepad and resets the experiment. This may sound ...

Teacher of the Month: Cil Guerrero

NMSI’s Teacher of the Month celebrates our amazing teachers, consultants and mentors for their work in and out of the classroom. In March, we sat down with Cil Guerrero, an AP Calculus teacher at Bossier High School in Bossier, LA., to hear how she inspires her students. If you walk by Cil Guerrero’s classroom, you may hear the familiar sounds of “Hello” by Adele. Pay attention to the lyrics. Instead of belting out the phrases made famous by the pop star, Guerrero’s students sing such lines as, “In right Triangles, ...

Randazzo on The School Choice Debate

NMSI CEO Matthew Randazzo on school choice: "When we increase all students’ access and achievement in rigorous coursework, we mitigate the need to consider vouchers and other approaches meant to counter the prevailing lack of high quality education across the public school system." Read more on what he had to say in his latest Huffington Post article. 


Schools completing first year of NMSI support see number of qualifying AP scores go up by 10 times the national average Schools that complete the first year of the National Math and Science Initiative’s College Readiness Program see the number of qualifying Advanced Placement® scores in math, science and English increase by an average of 67 percent, based on data from the College Board. The increase at NMSI-supported schools is more than 10 times the average annual increase. NMSI’s three-year College Readiness Program has expanded access to rigorous AP® classes in more ...

Teacher of the Month: Brian Abramowitz

    NMSI’s Teacher of the Month is a new series that celebrates our amazing teachers, consultants and mentors for their work in and out of the classroom. In February, we sat down with Brian Abramowitz, an AP Biology teacher at Uplift Luna Preparatory in Dallas, to hear his thoughts on science education and how he inspires his students. What inspired you to become a teacher? The reason I became a teacher is far less inspirational as the reason I continue to teach. I continue to teach because there’s always more to ...

Students find inspiration in stories from “Hidden Figures,” math and science professionals

More than 300 St. Louis Public School sophomores spoke with leaders from The Boeing Co., Pfizer, Inc. and Monsanto Co. about college and career opportunities in science, technology, engineering and math fields after watching a special screening of the critically acclaimed, box office hit “Hidden Figures.” “We all need role models who show us that we can succeed in any field that sparks our passion and imagination,” said SLPS Superintendent Kelvin R. Adams, Ph.D. “It’s especially important to see women and people of color in math and science fields because ...

Telling the stories of black STEM pioneers

 Throughout the month NMSI has told the stories of black pioneers in math and science fields who continue to pave the way for future generations of STEM professionals. These groundbreaking individuals have done everything from sending a man into space to dedicating their lives to encouraging other black students to follow in their paths. Below, we tell the stories of just a few individuals to celebrate this month and beyond.  Bernard Harris, a NMSI board member, became the first African-American to walk in space in 1995. During his spacewalk, Harris ...

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