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What UTeach Students & Graduates Are Saying About Teaching in STEM

Yesterday we had the distinct pleasure of announcing the expansion of the UTeach program to five research universities across the U.S., thanks to a generous $22.5 million grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI).This incredible program equips STEM majors with the skills and expertise needed to effectively teach in a 21stcentury classroom, and with the addition of these five universities, we are on track to help train more than 9,000 math and science teachers in the U.S. by 2020. It’s an amazing opportunity for students interested in STEM fields to consider a career in education as well! For ...

Falling Into a STEM Career: How One Woman Stumbled Upon Math

Article by Monica Kortsha Computational science is a field obsessed with convergence, where equations are scripted to result in real-world numbers that minimize risk and chance as much as possible. With that in mind, it’s a bit ironic that Mary Wheeler, the director of the Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences’ Center for Subsurface Modeling, became a mathematician and computational scientist because of an accidental encounter. “My roommate in college was taking a numerical analysis course and I would see her working on those problems and I thought ‘that’s interesting.’ And ...

Need Some STEM Inspiration?

Here at NMSI, we believe in results, so we understand that you want to see results! Experts estimate that our country will need 280,000 more math and science teachers by 2020. So what do we do? Our UTeach program produces teachers who are confident and competent in their subject matter. In fact, 88% of UTeach graduates go on to teach in Math and Science classrooms. UTeach will be able to produce more than 17,849 math and science teachers by 2022, providing a significant share of the national goal. The ...

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