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Education Reform: Changing the System as Teacherpreneurs

Over the last few months, we have covered many active conversations taking place in the education world. A few trends we have identified are: Debates at the state-level about the Common Core State Standards Policy-level disagreements over implementing the Common Core Discussion at the federal-level over new education policy Consideration by public and private companies about how to support STEM in our schools Examination by non-profit organizations about reforming American education While we think these ...

Teacher Training Success

Every year, teachers from around the country attend training or professional development. And when you ask teachers if they appreciate what they are doing, most of the time, they will tell you it is a waste of time. But ongoing learning for teachers is critical, especially in a time of great change to the classroom and creates improved teacher retention. The 2012 MetLife Survey of the American Teacher showed that educators who expressed a higher job satisfaction shared a common experience: They were more likely to have benefitted from effective ...

3 Reasons Why UTeach is Awesome (and Absolutely Necessary) for Students

It could be said that teaching is not a simple career choice to make these days. Of the 426,000 middle- and high-school math and science teachers in the U.S., 25,000 leave the teaching profession every year, and approximately 46% of new teachers leave within their first five years of teaching. Those are drastically high numbers, and they could be a potential turn-off for want-to-be teachers. I guarantee the reason why there is such a high turnover rate is not because the teaching profession is cursed, it’s because we aren’t ...

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