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The Ins and Outs of a Rigorous Lesson: How to Cultivate Deep Content Knowledge

For quite a long while, the term “rigorous” has been used in the education world to define lessons, instruction, standards, and so forth – but what exactly does “rigor” mean, and how does it tie in with education? We asked our resident Science Coordinator and STEM subject matter expert Jonathan Edquid to elaborate on what rigor means, how it impacts our students, and how a teacher can increase rigor in his or her practice. Literally, rigor means stiffness; figuratively, it means harshness – and it is not hard to see ...

Teacher Training and Beyond: Getting Ready for the New School Year

Over this summer, NMSI has played host to thousands of dedicated teachers across the nation in our rigorous Teacher Training Program. We have greatly enjoyed helping these incredible educators raise the level of excellence in their classrooms to help prepare their students for the demands of college and beyond, and our trainers have had an absolute blast working with them as well. “[The teachers] may not be sure of where the material they’re teaching fits into the big picture; so this [training] is more about the big picture. What are ...

NMSI Schools Amongst America’s Most Challenging

Here at NMSI, we have always applauded the efforts of students and teachers when it comes to improving the levels of rigor and excellence in the classroom, but now we are thrilled to give a standing ovation to America’s Most Challenging High Schools, as featured on The Washington Post, for their absolutely phenomenal performances – many of which were NMSI schools! A school is ranked “challenging” when the number of Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, and Advanced International Certificate of Education tests given is at least equal than the number of ...

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