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How does the government shutdown impact our students?

The government has been officially shut down for two weeks, and while everyone is worried about the long and short-term impact on our daily lives, NMSI is particularly concerned about the impact the shutdown has on education.  Specifically, we are concerned about how the shutdown affects, and will continue to affect, our teachers and students.  You might be shocked to know that more than 90% of the Department of Education’s staff members were deemed “non-essential.”  In other words, out of the DOE’s 4,225 employees, only 212 are now working. With ...

State Policies on Common Core

As the timeline for Common Core State Standards draws closer to implementation, various stakeholders have been very vocal in their support or opposition for the standards. The big questions have been: Are students ready for Common Core? Are teachers ready for Common Core?  The debate has certainly been intense as educators and policy makers consider the implications of new benchmarks and assessments and the impact they will have on their schools. Changes tend to be met with uncertainty and resistance, and it was no surprise that some state lawmakers ...

Education Policy is Not Just about Education

Last week, NMSI participated in two major national conferences – the 2013 ECS National Forum on Education Policy and the 30th Annual NAELO Conference.  The biggest takeaway NMSI got from these events was that education policy is not just about education, rather it is part and parcel of several national issues. Education policy is often viewed as a standalone issue, but we are seeing a change in the way people talk about the state of the education system and the correlation between education and other social issues.  Indeed, there are ...

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