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Enrollments in AP Biology Have Doubled at this School, Thanks to this Teacher

American students that are engaged in rigorous coursework, excited about opportunities in STEM, and are college-ready all have been sharing tons of appreciation for teachers this week. Today, we’d like to recognize another outstanding NMSI Teacher of the Year: Irene Mahoney, an AP Biology educator at Chelsea High School in Chelsea, MA. This is Ms. Mahoney’s sixth year teaching AP Biology and she knows exactly what it takes to see remarkable results in her classrooms. The enrollments in AP biology have doubled, from 12 students enrolled in the 2008-2009 ...

Small Steps Lead to BIG Results in the Classroom

It takes incredible teachers that are passionate and committed to provide educational excellence and life-remembering experiences to students who will one day lead our country. Today, we’d like to recognize another outstanding NMSI Teacher of the Year: Julie Wood, an AP Environmental Science educator at Bryan Station High School in Lexington, KY, is a remarkable teacher who has demonstrated distinguished performance in the teaching of her AP courses. Ms. Wood commits to extensive preparation and always maintains very high expectations in order to help her students meet their goals. She is ...

Kicking off Teacher Appreciation Week

We can’t say it enough…Congratulations to the 2013 NMSI Teachers and Teacher Trainers of the Year! It's all about teacher appreciation this week at NMSI. Earlier in the year, we announced awards for eight outstanding teachers for 2012-2013 for academic excellence. These teachers are recognized for demonstrating some of the greatest student achievements from schools participating in the NMSI AP training program.   Today we recognize one of NMSI’s Teachers of Year, Zestlan Simmons, AP Language and Composition teacher at Booker T. Washington High School in Alabama and one of NMSI’s ...

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