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Teacher Training with Common Core Standards: What Teachers Need to Do Next

As the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) continue to impact schools across the nation, teachers are gearing up for what the new standards will bring to their classrooms, and they’re also asking for help. Two of the top three things that teachers need right now are more effective professional development and more Common Core resources, both of which happen to be our specialty. We offer the very best teacher training and resources that are fully aligned with the Common Core. We contacted our resident STEM subject matter expert Jonathan ...

The Four Pillars of Flipping the Classroom

Flipping the classroom has been a hot topic amongst circles in the education world recently – so much so that we even wrote an article about it ourselves! It is clear that teachers are excited about this different way of interacting and engaging with their students to generate new ideas and deepen their understanding. Education Week picked up on this trend as well and hosted a brilliant webinar featuring two expert presenters – Todd Nesloney , a 5th grade math teacher, and Kristin Daniels, a board member of the Flipped ...

Jump-start Your Teaching by Flipping the Classroom

We know that one of the greatest challenges you, as a teacher, face in the classroom is trying to teach your students new concepts and high-level ideas. Some students pick them up almost immediately, and other students struggle every step of the way. And sometimes, no matter what the classroom experience might be, no matter how well you think they will do on their homework that covers exactly what you showed them in class, you will have a student who returns the next day with a forlorn face, a ...

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