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Close Reading and Student Engagement: How to Break Down a Text

[Aubrey Ludwig is the AP English Coordinator here at NMSI, but before that she taught high school English at Fairfax County Public Schools in Virginia for 9 years. Please give her a hearty welcome as a new member of the NMSI blogging team! –Timothy] One year, while I was teaching high school English, whenever I would say, “Let’s get ready to complete a close reading,” all of my students, in near perfect synchronization, would press whatever we were reading to their faces. It became a running gag. At the beginning ...

ELA + STEM = Developing Literacy with Math and Science

As a former English teacher, the peculiarity of my position at a STEM-focused education organization isn’t lost on me. I’m much more at home with Shakespeare and Dickinson than with calculators and equations, and I’ve received much good-natured ribbing from colleagues and acquaintances about my lack of math prowess. I may not be a math or science specialist; however, I appreciate the critical need for improving STEM education in our country. I also believe that our future mathematicians, computer programmers, engineers, and scientists must be strong readers and writers, effective ...

The NYC DOE, College Board and NMSI Collaborate to Launch the NYC Advanced Placement Expansion Initiative

   The NYC Department of Education, College Board and National Math and Science Initiative Collaborate to Launch the NYC Advanced Placement® Expansion Initiative New Program Increases Access to AP STEM Courses For Release: Sept. 30, 2013 NEW YORK ― The New York City Department of Education (DOE) announced today it will partner with The College Board and the National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI) to launch the NYC Advanced Placement® (AP®) Expansion Initiative this fall. The NYC AP Expansion is a three-year program designed to help graduating students prepare to ...

Need Some STEM Inspiration?

Here at NMSI, we believe in results, so we understand that you want to see results! Experts estimate that our country will need 280,000 more math and science teachers by 2020. So what do we do? Our UTeach program produces teachers who are confident and competent in their subject matter. In fact, 88% of UTeach graduates go on to teach in Math and Science classrooms. UTeach will be able to produce more than 17,849 math and science teachers by 2022, providing a significant share of the national goal. The ...

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