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Education Reform: Changing the System as Teacherpreneurs

Over the last few months, we have covered many active conversations taking place in the education world. A few trends we have identified are: Debates at the state-level about the Common Core State Standards Policy-level disagreements over implementing the Common Core Discussion at the federal-level over new education policy Consideration by public and private companies about how to support STEM in our schools Examination by non-profit organizations about reforming American education While we think these ...

Viewpoints on the Student Success Act

Education has always been a hot-button topic in the United States, and rightfully so, as education policies can drastically alter the course of a student’s life. However, it seems that the subject has become even more polarized of late – especially because of conversations taking place over the Common Core State Standards – and now it looks like another factor is going to play into the education debates, the Student Success Act. With the No Child Left Behind Act (also known as the Elementary and Second Education Act, or ESEA) ...

Leaders in Education Gather to Discuss STEM Solutions and their Future Impact on American Classrooms

DALLAS – The National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI) is proud to announce their support and participation at the upcoming U.S. News STEM Solutions 2013 Conference, taking place in Austin, Texas this June. For the second year, leaders and visionaries will convene and advance the agenda for national change in STEM education, policy and workforce development. The conference promotes thought-provoking conversations about how communities, and the nation, will work together to advance the future of STEM. “The National Math and Science Initiative’s dedication to the expansion of rigorous education ...

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