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Teacher Training with Common Core Standards: What Teachers Need to Do Next

As the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) continue to impact schools across the nation, teachers are gearing up for what the new standards will bring to their classrooms, and they’re also asking for help. Two of the top three things that teachers need right now are more effective professional development and more Common Core resources, both of which happen to be our specialty. We offer the very best teacher training and resources that are fully aligned with the Common Core. We contacted our resident STEM subject matter expert Jonathan ...

Implementing the Common Core: Top 3 Ways to Help Teachers

As we approach the implementation date for the Common Core State Standards, there are many who wonder what the Common Core actually means for schools and how those standards will reshape American education. To address these concerns, the Thomas B. Fordham Institute hosted another webinar focusing on the Common Core, featuring a diverse panel of teachers (moderated by Fordham’s Michael J. Petrilli) from across the nation who discussed how the Common Core has changed their schools for the better and what educators need to better prepare for and implement ...

Digital Badges for Teachers?

There is a great primer on Digital Badges published by the Alliance for Excellent Education with help from Mozilla.  The basic premise behind digital badges is that it gives people a way to clearly demonstrate competencies acquired through all sorts of training. From the article - "A badge is a digital credential that represents an individual’s skills, interests, and achievements. Among other uses, badges can convey an individual student’s core academic content knowledge, as well as other twenty-first-century competencies that cannot be measured by traditional assessments." At NMSI we see ...

Teachers in Louisiana & Georgia are ready to challenge students this fall

School’s out for the summer, but across the country, NMSI is busy hosting trainings for thousands of dedicated teachers who are spending their hard-earned summer vacations back in the classroom. This week, more than 300 math, science and English teachers in Louisiana and Georgia gathered in their states for rigorous Common Core aligned NMSI Teacher Training to help them prepare for the upcoming school year. Nearly 100 teachers from 6 school districts across Georgia and 250 teachers from 23 school districts across Louisiana, spent four days in teacher training ...

Are Teachers Ready for Common Core?

Great new survey out by Edweek, albeit only for less than 600 respondents, on how we are preparing teachers for the Common Core state standards - you can see the infographic here. Bottom line - we need to get moving on implementation if we have any hope at all creating the potential gains in college readiness that common core can bring.  A big part of the problem is school districts don't know what they don't know. Many are assuming that they have high standards already so this will not really ...

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