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The Ins and Outs of a Rigorous Lesson: How to Cultivate Deep Content Knowledge

For quite a long while, the term “rigorous” has been used in the education world to define lessons, instruction, standards, and so forth – but what exactly does “rigor” mean, and how does it tie in with education? We asked our resident Science Coordinator and STEM subject matter expert Jonathan Edquid to elaborate on what rigor means, how it impacts our students, and how a teacher can increase rigor in his or her practice. Literally, rigor means stiffness; figuratively, it means harshness – and it is not hard to see ...

Education Reform: Changing the System as Teacherpreneurs

Over the last few months, we have covered many active conversations taking place in the education world. A few trends we have identified are: Debates at the state-level about the Common Core State Standards Policy-level disagreements over implementing the Common Core Discussion at the federal-level over new education policy Consideration by public and private companies about how to support STEM in our schools Examination by non-profit organizations about reforming American education While we think these ...

Creating a Lesson Plan for Student Success

We at NMSI know that a good teacher gives 100% and then some to their students – yes even in the summer. We know you truly care about your students, and the thrill of seeing them soar in the classroom is exhilarating, but we know it’s easy for teachers to hit brick walls with their creativity and become overwhelmed with their workload. So we’re back to give you a brainstorming session on ways to create a lesson plan. We reached out to our in-house NMSI subject matter experts – ...

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