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Alabama Making Great Strides in Building a College-Ready Culture

The National Math and Science Initiative is thrilled to share that our partner organization A+ College Ready, dedicated to increasing student achievement in AP math, science and English in Alabama, is preparing more students for college and careers than ever before. At an event to celebrate the Alabama’s success, Governor Robert Bentley announced that the state ranks number one in the nation in percent growth of students achieving qualifying scores on math, science, and English AP exams, with a 136% increase over the last six years. Additionally, the Alabama results ...

Education Apps to Help Inspire Students and Teachers

New technologies are changing the ways that educators teach, the ways that students learn and the ways that teachers and students communicate. The proliferation of tablets and other smart devices, for example, has been matched by the development of myriad apps designed to help inspire and engage both students and teachers in new ways. These are just a few examples of how apps can enhance the teaching and learning experience in STEM and non-STEM subjects: Apps for students: Sparking students’ curiosity about math and science is ...

Competency in Computer Science: A Crucial Element of STEM Education

As the global economy grows ever more dependent on digital technologies, our nation’s competitiveness will depend on our ability to educate our students and our workforce in the fundamentals of science and technology. By 2018, STEM jobs are expected to increase 17% and more than 70% of these jobs will be in computer science (CS). Despite the increasing need for competency in STEM, 50% of U.S. schools still don’t have focused STEM programs and schools in 36 states do not grant graduation credit forcourses in CS. Many teachers have limited ...

More Coursework Alone Doesn’t Boost STEM Achievement

To better prepare students for college and careers in STEM, many states have upped their minimum course requirements in math and science. But a new report from ACT indicates that simply mandating more math and science courses cannot by itself improve student outcomes. The ACT researchers suggest that efforts need to be focused on early preparation to ensure that students have the skills they need to succeed in advanced coursework by the time they get to high school. Teachers also need to ensure that courses remain sufficiently rigorous to ...

The Reviews Are In: What Teachers Are Saying About NMSI Training (On Twitter!)

This summer, NMSI has trained nearly 4,000 math, science and English teachers in more than a dozen states across the nation. While we typically receive feedback on our trainings in the form of end-of-course surveys, we decided to also reach out on Twitter and ask our teachers directly about their training experiences. They responded with such excitement and enthusiasm that we couldn’t resist sharing their reactions. Alannah Grande kicked things off by sharing a picture of a 6th-10th grade English student activity that she and her fellow trainees got to ...

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