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Detroit Students Prepare for Upcoming AP Tests with National Education Program

****** MEDIA ALERT ****** Detroit Students Prepare for Upcoming AP Tests with National Education Program Schools benefit from free expert-led study sessions, advanced teacher training  WHAT: More than 150 Detroit high school students will gather with expert teachers from around the region and across the country to prepare for the annual Advanced Placement® exams that could qualify them for free course credit at a wide range of U.S. colleges and universities. Students will take AP® exams May 1-12.   Students heading to the military or the workforce get college-level experience in problem ...

Shifting debate over school choice

The decades-long debate over school choice has divided educators, parents and policymakers alike and has largely focused on two well-worn arguments: “Students, and by extension our economy, are suffering because public schools on the whole are failing” and “Taking money from public schools only will increase the obstacles they face.” But there’s another aspect to the school choice conversation that both camps can support, says NMSI CEO Matthew Randazzo: Empower students to make choices about their own learning, in their own school. In a recent Huffington Post blog, Randazzo makes ...

Inconsistency in U.S. Education Impacts Military’s Readiness

By Marcus Lingenfelter   Uncertainty can be challenging for any student, especially when it relates to their families and their education. For the nearly 2 million students who have parents and guardians in the military service, uncertainty is a given in their everyday lives.   Because of their family members’ deployments, military-connected students can attend between six and nine schools during their primary and secondary education careers, making a consistently high quality education difficult to attain.   Service members continuously express concern about the quality of their children’s educational experiences, which often impact whether ...

Teacher of the Month: Allan Finch

NMSI’s Teacher of the Month celebrates our amazing teachers, consultants and mentors for their work in and out of the classroom. In April, we sat down with Allan Finch, an AP Physics teacher at Creative and Performing Arts High School in Pittsburgh, PA to hear how he is applying his real-world experiences as an architectural engineer to his classroom.   A roller coaster zooms past a student and comes to a stop. The student carefully examines the coaster, scribbles notes on a notepad and resets the experiment. This may sound ...

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