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Louisiana Students, Teachers to Benefit from Expansion of National Math + Science Initiative’s College Readiness Program

Yesterday morning in Baton Rouge, Louisiana Policymakers, local business and civic leaders, higher education representatives and teachers gathered this morning for an event announcing a major expansion of the National Math and Science Initiative’s (NMSI) College Readiness Program in Louisiana schools, with financial assistance from ExxonMobil. Hosted by Principal Nanette McCann of Baton Rouge Magnet High School, officials recognized the hard work of local educators and highlighted the need for community leaders to raise matching funds to reach every high school across the state in future years. “This is a ...

A Century Later, Einstein Holds True

Last week, scientists announced that they had detected and recorded the sound of two black holes colliding. According to physicists, this sound is the first concrete evidence of gravitational waves, something that Albert Einstein predicted nearly a century ago. This is not the first time that one of Einstein’s theories has been proven correct. In fact, one of the reasons that Einstein is still celebrated today is because nearly every prediction he made has been tested and verified. Aside from his prediction of gravitational waves, Einstein has two more ...

New football stadium leads the way for STEM industries

This is a guest blog post from NMSI Science Content Editor Paul Hightower. On February 7th, two national football franchises met to play professional sports’ largest event, Super Bowl 50 in Santa Clara, California. While the week prior is filled with team coverage, player and coach interviews, and endless analysis of game-day strategy, few talked about the most remarkable aspect of all—the new stadium. This year’s Super Bowl was played in Levi’s Stadium, a newly built, multi-purpose venue that opened in 2014 as the football home of the San Francisco 49ers. ...

Snowblogalypse: The Science Behind Jonas

In January, Winter Storm Jonas slammed the East Coast, and now many locals are dealing with the aftermath of the storm. NMSI breaks down the lasting effects of the storm through the different states of water. When Winter Storm Jonas finally passed, some East Coast residents decided to make the most of the snow days by snowshoeing, building snowmen, and even snowboarding, but everyone had to manage the catastrophic aftermath. The reason Jonas occurred, why it was so bad and much of the damage that the storm left in its ...

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