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Celebrating influential women in STEM

Women have made great strides in the past 100 years. From winning the right to vote to becoming major political figures, women have left their mark across history. Despite these accomplishments, women are still falling behind in efforts to narrow the gap in STEM jobs according the US News/ Raytheon STEM Index. Women are earning more STEM degrees each year but are struggling to keep up with their male counterparts. As we look to the future and strive the close the gender gap, it is important to take a ...

Inspiring a future in STEM

On a typical Saturday you may find a high school student sleeping in or wandering the mall with their friends, but for some dedicated NMSI students, Saturdays throughout the school year mean something very different, Student Study Sessions. As a part of NMSI’s signature College Readiness Program (CRP), AP students are given the opportunity to attend study sessions where they receive study tools from top-notch AP experts from across the country. During a recent Student Study Session at San Pedro High School in Los Angeles Unified School District, NMSI ...

Report Identifies Shortage of Educational Opportunities for Military-Connected Students

NMSI is meeting the challenge High-quality educational programs that produce measurable student outcomes and are supported by rigorous and consistent content standards should be available to every military-connected student, National Math and Science Initiative representative Marcus Lingenfelter told a crowd gathered at the Washington, D.C. National Press Club on January 24. “This report provides a roadmap for how state and military leaders can help children of military families succeed. We must partner directly with installation commanders, school leaders and community stakeholders to better prepare military-connected students for the demands of ...

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