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From Creating to Coding: STEM in the Summertime

School may be out, but there are plenty of fun learning opportunities that teachers, parents, and students can take advantage of over the summer! Here are just a handful of awesome STEM initiatives and activities to keep minds sharp and ready to take on the new school year: Maker Camp 2014: The Maker movement is dedicated to inspiring young minds to engage with technology to reshape and enhance the world around them, and they’vepartnered with Google to make sure students can get involved no matter where ...

The T in STEM

This week, there is a computer science summit hosted by the STEM Connector focused on the forgotten "T" in STEM - technology.  There will be a lot more on the subject from NMSI in the coming weeks and we will be sending updates from the summit but here are facts -  60% of the jobs in STEM are in computer science yet only 2% of the total AP classes are in computer science Computer science jobs have an average wage of over $90,000 ...

Where's the "T" in STEM

It seems like there is the sudden realization that the "T" in STEM is being ignored in high schools.  Jan Cuny of the National Science Foundation has been making sure that people really understand what is happening and things are starting to move for her work and the work of others.  From Jan's article in Inroads ACM "Transforming High School Computer Science: A Call to Action": The number and percent of students taking STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) has increased over the last two decades. Increased with the exception ...

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